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Based in Mid Canterbury, I have been a professional photographer for over a decade. I particularly love everything related to farming,  portraiture and equestrian - having been a competitive eventor in my youth and an art lover since before I can remember.  In a time of social media and expensive phones taking low resolution  images - it seems that all our precious memories are being trusted to devices and worse Social Media which stores images in even lower resolution and quality. I am a big advocate of high quality images and portraits going back on our walls - remembering our favourite horses, our happiest memories, the garden/house or farm in a particular season, ourselves at our best - and at our worst, muddy or competing with grit and determination - and our unique lives, and the people in them. Having short and regular photography shoots can help you create beautiful coffee table books for your home, gifts for family members, wall art for your home and more importantly timeless memories to last throughout the generations and that become part of history.  Throughout the years I also developed a love of home decorating, following themes and individuals like Hermes, Steve Cordony, French Country, Antique and Modern Inspired Country Life -  which inspired me to create some pretty special wall art that reflected the colours and tones of Rural New Zealand and that beautify our homes and businesses - particularly bed and breakfast's, motels and boutique country cafes. All of my art pieces are limited editions of 10-15-20 pieces and all are only available for a Limited Time.

Also feel free to join me on Facebook and Instagram - (I primarily use instagram thesedays to socially connect, I like the visual beauty of it more for sharing photography and art.

So lets make some memories and create some photographs that inspire the warmest memories for you and your family for all the years to come.

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