The anticipation is building for another exciting National Champs at McLeans Island this weekend. This year I am floating as support for the other photographers and planning to get some nice images to hopefully make some beautiful art files (most who know my work will know what I am talking about but I have added an example of one I have done previously for Sam Gillies).  These will be available in only Canvas and Fine Art Print. They do take some time to make and I wont be able to make one for everyone - you can flick me a message if you would like me to try and get a suitable photo to make one for you though! Then I will make them available in the tabs below - just select the day and see which files have been added so far! I covered a lot of Show Hunter on Saturday and a bit of a mixture on Friday. on Sunday I will do some Show Hunter in the morning and whatever else I can get throughout the day including Ring 1. I can also take commissions if you have a suitable high resolution image you would like edited into an art file. My artworks are all original and a super special keepsake of you and your most precious pals! I don't keep them for long because I have to make room to make others...There true value is many years from now, when perhaps they are no longer with us, or maybe you are no longer riding but I have been making them for over 5 years and have sold them all over NZ, Australia and the UK, they have been hugely popular.  Sadly I can't offer the discount codes on these pieces that I have on my Limited Edition Artworks, as your images are single works that I create for a you/your family/breeders only. 

Some have different start pricing - this is determined by whether they have been scaled into square art pieces or 'A' Rectangular Sizing. And the shape of the original image is how I decide what shape to scale it into- I have listed squares in two available sizes, and 'A's' in 3 size options, from A3 through to A1.