O T A G O   D R E S S A G E   A R T   F I L E S

I will be adding new art files to this album daily - Art files will be available to purchase for 4-5 days from when they are loaded, depending on when I need to clear more space to make others. Prices start from $160, (this excludes custom pieces which are priced to custom sizes and time spent). 

A few years ago, I noticed people weren't printing their photos anymore and only seemed to be keeping their equestrian memories on social media platforms - and then I thought most equestrian photo files don't really look nice in modern decor or match modern interior, with colour palettes of green and blue taking away from the subject image (which is you and your horse, or both), so I started making art files and have lost count of how many I have sold all around the world, but mostly in Australia and New Zealand.

Over the next week I will try to make as many art files as I can - there is no obligation to purchase but I cannot hold them over for people as I have a full month of editing and the files are very large! They do take at least a few hours to make so just check back often or flick me a message if you would like one made. Canvases come ready to hang - Fine Art Prints are printed on Fine Art Paper and will require you to have them framed to suit your own decor. That said - If you would like me to arrange framing I can do that for an additional cost (framing typically 'at least' doubles the price and a little bit more) - you would need to flick me a message to arrange but I'm more than happy to sort it out for you :)