W A I M A T E   H U N T   O P E N I N G   2 0 2 1  

COMPLETED: Just note, I try my best to get a pic of everyone, but every hunt is different and I'm on a long lense which limits some shots, but is also great for additional reach when I need it and sometimes sadly its just not everyone's day because if its not right, even if its the only photo I got of you, I don't put it up - I'm sure I will get you at another hunt. I am very cautious not to devalue your horse or the sport, as my main goal with my albums is to tell a nice story about the day, capture some smiles, and some action and come the end of the season you might have collection of images for a cool coffee table book or a few prints to put together to showcase your awesome sport in your own homes. I know there is a couple of hounds prints in this album I plan to frame up already! lol

Just Note: If you are viewing it from your phone or on slow internet this album may take a little while to completely load - When purchasing images a $15 (72 DPI Low Resolution) image is perfect for social media (Facebook and Instagram for personal use) but if you want an image that you can print to any size larger than a small 4'6" you would need the High Resolution 300DPI Original File for $25. I hope this helps when purchasing images, I just so often see people wanting to print low resolution images and they are just too small for print and only 72 colour dots per inch (DPI) Similar to Phone quality only.